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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Russian Investment Corporation - *GRU *SVR *FSB PARTNERSHIP FSB* SVR* GRU* - "Military Intelligence Command Control" - OVERARCH - *NSA *CIA *FBI *DEA * MI6 *MI5 PARTNERSHIP MI5* MI6 * FBI* DEA* CIA* NSA* - Most Dangerous Trans-National Crime Syndicates Files - Carroll Trust - Russian National *Global Security Case

High level Kremlin aides close to President Putin have expressed deep concerns with regard to the inordinate delays to law enforcement actions being sanctioned by Scotland Yard in London and the US Department of Justice FBI Washington DC field office in Europe's largest ever ongoing organised crime offshore tax evasion and corruption case.

The FBI Scotland Yard "targeted" offshore international crime syndicate incorporated fraudulent dummy Russian Investment Corporation Carroll Global Group structures in this $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) case of international importance. It has also been revealed that the Carroll Trust Russia case files contain Coutts Bank and HSBC offshore banking services Barclays International high level executives who have been named in these explosive new compelling criminal evidence dossiers held in custody by the elite law enforcement officers at the FBI and the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard. Major divisions of the Carroll Global Corporation group were targeted in the resultant co-ordinated break up criminal liquidation and seizure operation on a worldwide basis.

Gerald Carroll played a vital role on behalf of both the HM Crown and US Government's in high level dealings with the Russian Government during the painful transition period from a command control soviet economy to an emerging lawful democratic society.

Russian Investment Corporation (REALCO) Forged GJH Carroll Signatures Criminal Liquidation - LOCKDOWN - US HM Crown Russia Global Security Interests.

US HM Crown Russia Organised Crime Case LOCKDOWN Carroll Trust National Security Case

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